Desktop environments and Window managers

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Tip: Be sure to add your user to input and video groups.

Alpine Linux has no official desktop. Older versions used Xfce, but now all GUI and graphical interfaces are optional. many are available and are attempted to be listed below:

Desktop environments

  1. Xfce
  2. LXQt
  3. KDE Plasma
  4. Gnome
  5. MATE

Stacking (floating) window managers

Tiling (dynamic) window managers

  • X11:
    • Bspwm
    • Herbstluftwm
    • Dwm
    • i3
    • Awesome Window Manager
    • Ratpoison (Available in Edge Branch)
    • spectrwm (Available in Edge Branch)
    • Qtile (Available in Edge Branch)
  • Wayland:
    • Sway
    • River
    • Cagebreak (Available in Edge Branch)
    • dwl (Available in Edge Branch)
    • Qtile (Available in Edge Branch)

Other Window Managers

  • Wayland
    • Cage - Wayland Compositor for running single app on fullscreen mode (kiosk)

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