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* [[User:Fab/Stats|Stats]]
* [[User:Fab/Stats|Stats]]
* [[User:Fab/Cleanup|Cleanup]]
* [[User:Fab/Cleanup|Cleanup]]
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* [[User:Fab/msg.alpinelinux.org|msg.alpinelinux.org]]
=== Configuration management ===
=== Configuration management ===

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My Name is Fabian Affolter and I'm living in Berne/Switzerland. One of my passions is free software and open source. I'm a long time contributor to various free and open source software projects. A big bunch of my spare time is spent on the Fedora Project and Bcfg2.

By the way, my first system was a Amiga 2000 but this is a long long time ago ;-).

My area of interest are computer aided design (CAD), computer algebra system (CAS), provisioning, automatic configuration management, version control systems, software packaging, and microcontrollers.

Apart from spending time at the computer, I like to read, to listen to music, and to hike in the Swiss mountains.

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  • Postal address :
ask for the street
CH-3000 Berne


Configuration management

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