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Hello, thank you for proposing several articles for deletion on the wiki, this calls attention to the fact that some of these articles need help. Please when doing so do not blank or replace the entire article; simply add the proposal for deletion template to the top of the article, and then add your rationale to the article talk page so that a consensus can be reached.

For instance, I have no idea why you want HOWTO OpenSSH 2FA with password and Google Authenticator deleted, so I have reverted your blanking there. That article is, to my knowledge, up-to-date.

Thanks, zcrayfish (talk) 22:40, 8 December 2021 (UTC)


hey .. thanks for grammar fixes, i appreciate your contributions to Alpine newbie section but take a look at:

Last pool about wiki pages, it seems my ones are the best

that was from 2021 Dec, the 2019 is worse, i made a new pool about my pages and it seems in 2019 were better than today and the newbie pages are a still in progress structure.. please dont move structure and mix with official wiki pages..

By example my LAMP (the worse software piece of) page is a well received only by noobs.. but xperts will hate it! (in few days will have more negative reactions):

pool about reception of my worse wiki made page!

take more at: noobs will said "good" and people that are envy will compared with arch.. that's why you must explain why and all those comments has a piece of true.. and yes.. is more for noobs cos it said "newbie" .. experts users just read their own wikis as i made for my job..

Mckaygerhard (talk) 12:40, 5 Jan 2022 (UTC)