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Stuff to watch

Most recent unpatrolled new pages (ideally there should be none):

List of broken redirects (there should be none)

List of double redirects (there should be none)

List of duplicate files (there should be none)

All irc:// hyperlinks. (there should be none)

Pages that mediawiki has marked as broken in some way (there should be none)

250 most recent wiki edits


Pages which contain dead links

Obsolete pages (Need to go through and RfD some of these)

Pages which contain links to unencrypted content (Some sites stubbornly refuse to join the current century)

RfDs (I don't have access to deal with these)

List of non-existing pages that are linked to

All http:// hyperlinks. All of these need to be checked to see if they can be rewritten to https://

All ftp:// hyperlinks. All of these need to be check to see if an sftp:// or https:// version is available.

All svn:// hyperlinks. Old Alpine SVN links have gotta go!


External link seach

List of all templates

Template wikimarkup expansion tool

Redirect by file, user, page, revision, or log ID

Description of automatic abuse filtering (because I always forget, and it would be nice to be able to explain to new wiki users why exactly their posts are getting denied)

Go to a completely random page. This is both fun and useful!