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Some comments on the contents of this doc.

  1. The doc tells you to install both php-pgsql and php-pdo_pgsql. Are both really needed in case postgrersql?
  2. The doc and tells you to install mysql and explains how to configure mysql. Nothing about configuring postgres. I think we should give user options: if postgrersql then... and if mysql then...
  3. The doc tells you to pick drupal-7.0. How about tell user to go to and pick the latest/recommended version?
  4. The doc tells you to install the webapp under /usr/share which I think is wrong. Only apk packages should install stuff there. Might be better to put it in /var/www some place.
  5. The doc tell you to chmod -R 777. which means everybody can modify everything. Is that really correct? Could we narrow it down so lighttpd user have write access to only the dirs it needs? (for logs and upload file data or whatever)

--Ncopa 02:00, 31 August 2011 (UTC)