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Gaming on Alpine is a thing.

Installing games

sudo apk add micro-tetris


To make sure your account is in the games group. You could do.

sudo gpasswd -a name games

Log off then relog back on.

List of games available on Alpine Linux

  • AdvanceMAME - advancemame -- Arcade Simulator
  • Aisleriot - aisleriot -- Solitaire card games
  • DOSBox - dosbox -- DOS-emulator that uses SDL-library
  • Frotz - frotz -- Z machine (Infocom interactive fiction) Interpreter
  • FlightGear - flightgear -- Flight Simulator
  • Freedoom+Chocolate Doom - freedoom, chocolate-doom -- a free Doom game and an engine to run it
  • GNU Chess - gnuchess -- Play chess against the computer
  • Micro Tetris - micro-tetris -- Uses ANSI escape sequences and can fit in embedded devices
  • Minetest - minetest -- An Inspired Minecraft game
  • OpenRCT2 - OpenRCT2 -- Re-implementation of RollerCoaster Tycoon 2
  • OpenTTD - openttd -- A business simulation game
  • RetroArch - retroarch -- Frontend for emulators, game engines and media players using the libretro API
  • NetHack - Rogue-like dungeon crawler
  • SuperTuxKart - Kart racing game with OSS mascots
  • Xonotic - xonotic -- A FPS arena game

Game related software

  • Wine - wine -- It is typically used to play Windows games - You may need to chroot/multiboot as 32-bit Alpine to use 32 bit Windows games. If you use x86_64, you can only run 64 bit Windows programs.
  • OBS Studio - obs-studio -- It is used to live stream a gaming session