Game development on Alpine Linux

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Game development is possible on Alpine Linux.

Learning curve

For programmers, it's strongly recommended that you use a game engine if you are starting video game programming which will handle most of the low level setup. If you have advanced knowledge in programming, you should see the multimedia section and 3D libraries section.

For artists, see Tools used to work with or create art assets section.

Software libraries used in game development

Game engines

Multimedia libraries

3D libraries

Rendering and loading assets

  • OpenSceneGraph - openscenegraph-dev -- can be used to load 3D models and handle complexities of rendering a 3d scene


  • FTGL - ftgl-dev -- to display text in OpenGL

Tools used to work with or create art assets

  • GIMP - gimp -- could be used to create 2D sprites
  • Audacity - audacity -- could be used to slice sound assets
  • Inkscape - inkscape -- could be used to make vector 2D art assets
  • Blender - blender -- can be used to create 3D assets or models