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Gopherbot is a MediWiki maintenance bot used on the Alpine Linux wiki by zcrayfish.
Please direct any questions or comments to their talk page, thanks!

Bot tasks

  • Checks for dead hyperlinks, and certain dead wikilinks as well.
    • After seeing a link fail to work for a minimum of a week, a comment will be added on the associated talk page.
  • On a semi-automated basis: Removes unwanted categories.

Dead link blacklist

Links from the following domains will NOT be checked, usually because the servers either do dumb things (every response is a 200?) or block the bot:

  • RFC2606 test domains (e.g.,,, etc)
  •* (incompatible)
  •* (rejects bots)
  •* (rejects bots, and is an EXTREMELY slow site in general)
  •* (intermittently rejects bots... and humans too...)
  •* (rejects bots)
  •* (rejects bots)
  •* (rejects bots)
  •* (requires login)
  •* (rejects bots)