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What is Webmin

A web-based interface for system administration for Unix or Linux. Setup user accounts, DNS, file sharing, etc.

Note: Webmin has frequent security updates and patches. Please watch the webmin security alert page.
Tip: Consider using ACF (Alpine Configuration Framework) to get a web interface for Alpine.

Set up Webmin on Alpine Linux

This document will be a quick c/p guide to setup webmin and dansguardian module on Alpine linux. We assume you have dansguardian installed and running. What we will install is the following:

  • Perl
  • Webmin 1.510
  • Dansguardian 0.7.0beta1b module (for webmin)

Installing Perl

Install Perl

apk add perl

Installing and configuring Webmin

Install webmin


cd /etc/ wget http://prdownloads.sourceforge.net/webadmin/webmin-1.560.tar.gz


gunzip webmin-1.560.tar.gz tar xvf webmin-1.560.tar


mv webmin-1.560 webmin


cd webmin ./setup.sh

    Config file directory [/etc/webmin]: enter
    Log file directory [/var/webmin]: /var/log/webmin
    Full path to perl: enter
    Web server port (default 10000): enter (or other port number)
    Login name (default admin): admin
    Login password: admin-password
    Password again: admin-password
    Start Webmin at boot time (y/n): y


http://IP_NUMBER:10000 (or the ip number you chose)

To add dansguardian module

Download module

cd /tmp wget http://downloads.sourceforge.net/project/dgwebminmodule/dgwebmin-devel/0.7.0beta1b/dgwebmin-0.7.0beta1b.wbm

Browse to http://IP_NUMBER:10000 (or the ip number you chose)

  • Click on: Webmin / Webmin Configuration / Webmin Modules
  • In the Install Module box select install from: From local file, click on ... button
  • Then when the explorer box open, go to /tmp and select the dgwebmin-0.7.0beta1b.wbm file, click ok
  • Back in the Webmin Modules click on Install Module button, and that’s all.
  • Click on: Servers / DansGuardian Web Content to configure and use dansguardian module.

Note: Webmin Modules you can add more modules, from “Standard module from www.webmin.com” or “Third party module from”, etc.