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An inline link to search for given packages in the Package Browser.



The package name to search for.
Special characters in the package name will automatically be urlencoded. "*" and "?" can be used as wildcards.
This argument is required, if you're not using it, use the "*" wildcard.

The branch of alpine to search (e.g. "3.19" or "edge"), defaults to "edge" if unset.

The repository to search (main, community, or testing). If unspecified all repositories will be searched.

The architecture to search (x86_64, x86, aarch64, armhf, ppc64le, s390x, armv7, or risc64). Defaults to x86_64 if unset.
Pass this parameter with no value (i.e. "arch=") to search all arches.

Search for packages with a certain maintainer. (e.g. "None" to search for unmaintained packages) If unspecified packages from all maintainers will be searched


Search for gtk+2.0 under the edge branch on the x86_64 architecture:


will produce: gtk+2.0

Search for all gtk packages under the edge branch on the x86_64 architecture:


will produce: gtk*

Search for ALSA-related packages under the 3.19 branch on the x86 (i.e. i686) architecture:


will produce: *alsa*