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Regarding DL, DD, DT:

My understanding is you are trying to do this:

 dt    |   dd   
foo    |  [                    ]
bar    |  [                    ]

where the dt is on the "left" column, and the dd is on the "right" column. Unfortunately, A DL can only contain DD and DT tags, not other divs or elements. that might be limiting, where we would want something like ajax or even just a complex formset or other item on the "right hand" of the block

I'm wondering if we could use something else, either divs (with classes)

<div class=label>foo</div><div class=item><input type......></div>

has some examples of doing this with forms, to make the elements line up correctly.

What do you think?


Your right, that I'm trying to do 2 columns as you describe.
There might be a better way... but still you get a good, clean layout when not using a css if you use dl,dt and dd.

The fact that dl only can contain dt and dd shouldn't be a problem. As I understand the dd can contain whatever (like a div, p or something else).
The use of dl,dt and dd is only when you want the columns layout with description at left, and the result/values at right.
When using a input, select, textarea or something else inside the dd, you can use the dd's width and say that the input,select,... could be 100% wide. This would result in a input,select,... which is as wide as the dd.

But if we don't need the description field at left (as dt) then you just use whatever you need inside the #content (like a input,select,textarea,whatever). This could then use 100% of the #content width.
I have done some experiments with this in the acf-openntpd.

mhavela Sun Jan 13 22:03:54 CET 2008