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When running the 3.9 netboot installer, you might face this problem mostly z/VM hypervisor (common among architectures without a RTC clock like armhf, aarch64, s390x) :

Which NTP client to run? ('busybox', 'openntpd', 'chrony' or 'none') [chrony] busybox
 \* service ntpd added to runlevel default
 \* Starting busybox ntpd ...                                              [ ok ]
ssl_client: mirrors.alpinelinux.org: ocsp verify failed: ocsp response not current
wget: error getting response: Connection reset by peer
r) Add random from the above list
f) Detect and add fastest mirror from above list
e) Edit /etc/apk/repositories with text editor

Enter mirror number (1-0) or URL to add (or r/f/e/done) [f]: 

This is because the clocksource on s390x was not yet detected. There is a pull request to make this work (would be available on 3.9.1 release):


In the mean time, to overcome this problem, you need to update the system time, either manullay using date command or using NTP then start the installer as bellow:

# setup-interfaces
# setup-dns
# service networking start
# ntpd -qn -p pool.ntp.org
# setup-alpine