Release Notes for Alpine 2.0.1

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This is a bugfix release.

It includes:

  • #411 security related kernel fixes from upstream (which was never exploitable due to PaX)
  • #412 fix for getprotobyname(3) in libc
  • #413 alpine-vserver iso image not booting
  • #422 fix booting on soekris 4801

For more details please see the bugtracker or git commit log.

Important notes when upgrading from v1.10

  • The v2.0 series introduces an ABI-incompatible version of uClibc with NPTL threading support. This means that you cannot mix packages from older relases with v2.0. To upgrade you will need to make sure that you only have v2.0 repositories in your /etc/apk/repositories list and then do:

    apk upgrade --update-cache --available

Note: There might be packages with same version number in v1.10 repositories so it is very important that the --available option is there to make sure that those gets replaced properly
  • You must remove GNU wget before doing the upgrade and only use busybox wget.

apk del wget

  • All .so links moved to -dev package. It might be an idea to remove alpine-sdk and all *-dev packages before doing the upgrade. If you get problems due to a -dev package want overwrite a .so file owned by other package then you might want use the --force option.
Note: Uninstalling alpine-sdk might remove sudo. To make it stay you'll first have to do:

apk add sudo

Package changes since 2.0.0

Upgraded/downgraded packages (from version):
acf-core-0.10.8-r0			    (0.10.7-r0)
alpine-conf-2.5.1-r0			    (2.5-r0)
asterisk-			    (
asterisk-odbc-		    (
asterisk-pgsql-		    (
asterisk-tds-		    (
busybox-1.17.1-r4			    (1.17.1-r3)
dahdi-linux-grsec-		    (
ip6tables-			    (
iptables-			    (
iscsitarget-grsec-		    (
libc0.9.32-0.9.32_alpha0_git1008060645-r3   (0.9.32_alpha0_git1008060645-r1)
libcrypto1.0-1.0.0a-r3			    (1.0.0a-r2)
libssl1.0-1.0.0a-r3			    (1.0.0a-r2)
linux-firmware-		    (
linux-grsec-		    (
mkinitfs-2.0-r0				    (2.0_rc9-r1)
openssl-1.0.0a-r3			    (1.0.0a-r2)
sysklogd-1.5-r7				    (1.5-r6)
uclibc-utils-0.9.32_alpha0_git1008060645-r3 (0.9.32_alpha0_git1008060645-r1)
xtables-addons-grsec-	    (