Release Notes for Alpine 1.9.0 beta2

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Release Notes for Alpine 1.9.0 beta2

So the second beta is out. The first beta was too broken, so I didn't bother announce it. I will remove it from mirrors as well. So change log and things like that will be relative to alpha18 rather than beta1, which I'm trying to pretend never existed.

Big news are gresc kernel and gcc-4.4.1. This is what I think we will have on the final 1.9 release.

There were some changes in the apk-tools behavior as well (which broke the beta1) but initscript and setup-disk scripts should be fixed.

openssh-client was separated from the openssh package.

We will now try to focus on fixing the bugs and get 1.9 out.

There seem to be some bugs in there that affects boxes with padlock.

Download from:

Changes since Alpine 1.9.0_alpha18

New packages:

Upgraded/downgraded packages (from version):
abuild-2.0_rc4-r0			  (2.0_rc3-r1)
acf-skins-0.1.7-r0			  (0.1.6-r0)
acf-weblog-0.3.0-r0			  (0.2.0-r1)
alpine-conf-2.0_beta3-r2		  (2.0_beta3-r1)
apk-tools-2.0_rc1-r2			  (2.0_pre17-r2)
apr-1.3.7-r0				  (1.3.5-r0)
apr-util-1.3.8-r0			  (1.3.7-r0)
bind-9.6.1_p1-r0			  (9.6.0_p1-r1)
bind-doc-9.6.1_p1-r0			  (9.6.0_p1-r1)
bind-libs-9.6.1_p1-r0			  (9.6.0_p1-r1)
bind-tools-9.6.1_p1-r0			  (9.6.0_p1-r1)
busybox-1.14.3-r0			  (1.14.2-r2)
ctags-5.8-r0				  (5.7-r0)
dahdi-linux-grsec-2.2.0-r4		  (2.2.0-r3)
dosfstools-3.0.5-r0			  (3.0.2-r0)
dosfstools-doc-3.0.5-r0			  (3.0.2-r0)
g++-4.4.1-r1				  (4.3.3-r2)
gawk-3.1.7-r0				  (3.1.6-r1)
gawk-doc-3.1.7-r0			  (3.1.6-r1)
gcc-4.4.1-r1				  (4.3.3-r2)
gcc-doc-4.4.1-r1			  (4.3.3-r2)
ghostscript-8.70-r0			  (8.64-r0)
ghostscript-doc-8.70-r0			  (8.64-r0)
git-1.6.4-r0				  (
ipsec-tools-0.8_alpha20090422-r1	  (0.8_alpha20090422-r0)
ipsec-tools-doc-0.8_alpha20090422-r1	  (0.8_alpha20090422-r0)
irssi-0.8.14-r0				  (0.8.13-r0)
irssi-doc-0.8.14-r0			  (0.8.13-r0)
irssi-perl-0.8.14-r0			  (0.8.13-r0)
iscsitarget-grsec-0.4.17-r4		  (0.4.17-r3)
less-436-r0				  (429-r0)
less-doc-436-r0				  (429-r0)
lftp-3.7.15-r0				  (3.7.14-r1)
lftp-doc-3.7.15-r0			  (3.7.14-r1)
libcrypto-0.9.8k-r6			  (0.9.8k-r5)
libgcc-4.4.1-r1				  (4.3.3-r2)
libnetfilter_conntrack-0.0.100-r0	  (0.0.99-r0)
libnfnetlink-1.0.0-r0			  (0.0.41-r0)
libpng-1.2.38-r0			  (1.2.37-r0)
libstdc++-4.4.1-r1			  (4.3.3-r2)
linux-grsec-			  (
mkinitfs-2.0_rc1-r1			  (1.9-r0)
openssh-5.2_p1-r2			  (5.2_p1-r1)
openssh-doc-5.2_p1-r2			  (5.2_p1-r1)
openssl-0.9.8k-r6			  (0.9.8k-r5)
openssl-doc-0.9.8k-r6			  (0.9.8k-r5)
pciutils-3.1.3-r0			  (3.1.2-r0)
pciutils-doc-3.1.3-r0			  (3.1.2-r0)
perl-uri-1.38-r0			  (1.37-r0)
perl-uri-doc-1.38-r0			  (1.37-r0)
pinentry-0.7.6-r0			  (0.7.5-r0)
pinentry-doc-0.7.6-r0			  (0.7.5-r0)
readline-6.0.004-r0			  (6.0.003-r0)
samba-3.3.7-r0				  (3.3.6-r0)
samba-common-3.3.7-r0			  (3.3.6-r0)
samba-doc-3.3.7-r0			  (3.3.6-r0)
samba-initscript-3.3.7-r0		  (3.3.6-r0)
syslinux-3.82-r0			  (3.81-r0)
syslinux-doc-3.82-r0			  (3.81-r0)
sysstat-9.0.4-r0			  (9.0.3-r0)
sysstat-doc-9.0.4-r0			  (9.0.3-r0)
tdb-3.3.7-r0				  (3.3.6-r0)
uclibc-			  (
uclibc-dev-			  (
usbutils-0.84-r0			  (0.82-r1)
winbind-3.3.7-r0			  (3.3.6-r0)
xtables-addons-grsec-1.17-r2		  (1.17-r1)