Release Notes for Alpine 1.7.23

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As usual, download iso images and tarballs for USB from distrib-coffe.

New udhcpc script

This release contains a new script for udhcpc. The new script does not run ifconfig on renewal (which deletes the old address and adds it again). So on renew, if nothing changed then do nothing.

This script is basicly a rewrite. Please test.

Changes since 1.7.22

New pacakges:

Upgraded/downgraded packages (from version):
acf-alpine-baselayout-0.4.2	       (0.4.0)
acf-chrony-0.1.4		       (0.1.3)
acf-core-0.4.8			       (0.4.6)
acf-dansguardian-0.2.3		       (0.2.2)
acf-devtools-0.2.5		       (0.2.4)
acf-dnscache-0.1.6		       (0.1.5)
acf-ipsec-tools-0.3.9		       (0.3.7)
acf-opennhrp-0.3.8		       (0.3.7)
acf-openntpd-0.3.8		       (0.3.7)
acf-openvpn-0.2.5		       (0.2.4)
acf-quagga-0.3.1		       (0.3.0)
acf-shorewall-0.3.11		       (0.3.9)
acf-snort-0.3.7			       (0.3.6)
acf-squid-0.3.4			       (0.3.2)
alpine-baselayout-1.12		       (1.11.2)
busybox-1.12.0-r2		       (1.12.0-r1)
cups-1.3.8-r1			       (1.3.7-r1)
db-4.5.20_p2-r1			       (4.5.20_p2)
net-tools-1.60_p20071202044231-r1      (1.60-r13)
php-5.2.6-r7			       (5.2.6-r6)
python-2.5.2-r7			       (2.5.2-r6)
samba-3.0.32			       (3.0.28a-r1)
samba-ldap-3.0.32		       (3.0.28a-r1)
trac-0.11.1-r2			       (0.11.1)
wireshark-1.0.3			       (1.0.2)