From Alpine Linux

When installing Alpine Linux on an ESXi or VSphere system you definitely want to enable the hypervisor tools. The good news is that Alpine has this package ready to go! Open-VM-Tools provides the VMWare hypervisor info from Alpine and other Linux.


Since alpine 3.12 the open-vm-tools version 11 was split into packages:

guestinfo is required for IP Discovery to work.

deploypkg provides support for Guest OS Customization


Enable the community repository by editing /etc/apk/repositories and uncommenting the community repository, and then run apk update.

# apk add open-vm-tools open-vm-tools-guestinfo open-vm-tools-deploypkg

Start once

# rc-service open-vm-tools start

Add to boot

# rc-update add open-vm-tools boot

Verify in ESXi/VSphere its working

Look for: VMware Tools (Running, version:xxxx)