Manually editing a existing apkovl

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You might end up in a situation when you find it necessary to edit a apkovl (without having to boot a box using the apkovl itself).

Unpack the apkovl

Unpack the apkovl into a temp dir.

mkdir /tmp/testbox tar -xvzf testbox.apkovl.tar.gz -C /tmp/testbox/

Make your modifications

Now do your modifications in '/tmp/testbox/'

  • Edit files/folders
  • Add files/folders
  • Remove files/folders
  • etc.

Pack the apkovl

When your modifications are done you should pack your apkovl

cd /tmp/testbox tar -czf /tmp/testbox.apkovl.tar.gz *

Replace the original apkovl

Now you have a new/modified apkovl.
Replace your original apkovl (on your media) with '/tmp/testbox.apkovl.tar.gz' and boot your Alpine.