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Alpine's MIPS64 port mostly targets Octeon CPUs, Loongson and the MIPS Malta evaluation board. It can theoretically run on any MIPS64 CPU, but this hasn't been tested exhaustively.

Installation Guide

See MIPS64/Installation.


The port does not yet have a functioning Docker, but we are working on it. Assistance is welcome.

Known Issues

See MIPS64/Known Issues.

Builders and Dev Machines

Main builder is Ubiquiti EdgeRouter Infinity. It has 16-core OCTEON 3 CPU with 16 GB of RAM.

We have a second Ubiquiti EdgeRouter Infinity that will be used as a dev machine and for CI. If you need access to a MIPS64 machine to fix your packages, feel free to reach out, we can provision access to a container.

We also have various lower spec Ubiquiti boards and are working to source some Loongson boards as well.



In default Alpine installations, some firmware packages (linux-firmware-...) are installed. On most MIPS64 machines, these are unnecessary.

In order to remove them, install package linux-firmware-none by running: apk add linux-firmware-none.