Intel Video

From Alpine Linux

Install the following packages as needed:

  • mesa-dri-gallium: necessary Mesa drivers for all Intel Graphics.
  • mesa-va-gallium: Mesa vaapi drivers for all Intel video decoding acceleration. You want one of the below too.
  • intel-media-driver: VAAPI driver, for hardware accelerated video encoding and decoding. What you want since Intel Broadwell.
  • libva-intel-driver: VAAPI driver, for processors older than Broadwell.
  • linux-firmware-i915: Needed if the i915 driver complains about firmware being missing in dmesg


For all Intel Graphics up to Haswell, the user must manually select crocus Mesa driver in order to let the graphics work properly:


For newer Intel Graphics, if automatic driver selection does not work and bugs such as missing mouse cursor under Sway occur (no hardware graphics acceleration), the user can manually select iris driver: