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Himitsu is a secret storage manager for Linux.


Himitsu is available in the Alpine testing repository. You need to install the "himitsu" package, as well as a prompter. The default prompter that is recommended is hiprompt-gtk-py.

apk add himitsu hiprompt-gtk-py

Run "himitsu-init" to create a key store. The daemon, himitsud, needs to be running in order to access the key store. How you start it up depends on your system configuration; your desktop environment or service manager may offer a means of running it on startup.

Additional integrations

Various packages are available which add support for new protocols and integrations to Himitsu.

  • himitsu-ssh: SSH integration
  • himitsu-firefox: Firefox add-on


Consult the man pages. Start with himitsu(7).