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Gitolite is a wrapper around a base git installation which facilitates the secure management of project repositories and of the user privileges governing access to those repositories.


Install the package that contains Gitolite.

apk add gitolite git

In your workstation set up new public keys

Running this command will create a new pair of private and public key.

ssh-keygen -N "" -f ~/.ssh/id_rsa

Create a copy of the public key.

cp ~/.ssh/ ~/.ssh/${YOUR_USERNAME}.pub

Send the public key to your server by running the command shown below.

scp ~/.ssh/${YOUR_USERNAME}.pub root@${YOUR_SERVER_DOMAIN_OR_IP}:/var/lib/git/${YOUR_USERNAME}.pub

In your server set up Gitolite

This command will setup Gitolite using the public key you just sent to the server.

Warning: There is no need to add password to the default git account that was created automatically by the system. We run git via su git.

su git -c "gitolite setup -pk /var/lib/git/${YOUR_USERNAME}.pub"

In your workstation set up Gitolite

In your workstation clone the .git directory anywhere you want (preferably your home directory) to administrate Gitolite outside a server.

git clone git@${YOUR_SERVER_DOMAIN_OR_IP}:gitolite-admin ~/gitolite-admin

Use your favorite text editor and open the file ~/gitolite-admin/conf/gitolite.conf

vim ~/gitolite-admin/conf/gitolite.conf

Add to that file the name of a git repository which Gitolite will manage. It should look something like this:

Contents of ~/gitolite-admin/conf/gitolite.conf

repo gitolite-admin RW+ = YOUR_USERNAME repo testing RW+ = @all repo YOUR_GIT_REPO RW+ = YOUR_USERNAME

Make commit of what you just changed.

git -C ~/gitolite-admin/ commit -am "My new custom repository."

Push the changes to the server.

git -C ~/gitolite-admin/ push

In your workstation, if you don't have a git repository, create one

Create a dotfiles directory.

mkdir ~/dotfiles/

Initialize a git repository in the dotfiles directory.

git -C ~/dotfiles/ init

We will add the remote for this new .git. In this case we point the server in which Gitolite was installed, and the repository name we sent before by pushing data via gitolite-admin.

git -C ~/dotfiles/ remote add origin git@${YOUR_SERVER_DOMAIN_OR_IP}:${YOUR_GIT_REPO}

Add some files to your new repository.

echo "hello world" > ~/dotfiles/testfile

git -C ~/dotfiles/ add ~/dotfiles/testfile

Create a commit.

git -C ~/dotfiles/ commit -am "This is my first commit."

Push the files to the server. In this case it's being pushed to the server in which Gitolite was installed.

git -C ~/dotfiles/ push --set-upstream origin master