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F2FS (Flash-Friendly File System) is a flash file system initially developed by Samsung Electronics for the Linux kernel.

The motive for F2FS was to build a file system that, from the start, takes into account the characteristics of NAND flash memory-based storage devices (such as solid-state disks, eMMC, and SD cards), which are widely used in computer systems ranging from mobile devices to servers.


Out of the box Alpine Linux doesnt support making F2FS partitions, that can be added with:

# apk add f2fs-tools

Formatting a partiton using F2FS

You can format a partition using F2FS with the following command:

Note: /dev/sda1 is used as a example

# mkfs.f2fs /dev/sda1

f2fs module

Warning: This section isn't tested (yet): USE AT YOUR OWN RISK

f2fs may need to be manually added to /etc/mkinitfs/mkinitfs.conf


echo f2fs >> /etc/modules

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