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Do not follow instructions here until this notice is removed.
(Last edited by Fab on 27 Jan 2013.)

bWAPP or a buggy web application is a vulnerable web application.

Install lighttpd, PHP, and MySql

Install the additional packages:

apk add lighttpd php5-common php5-iconv php5-json php5-gd php5-curl php5-xml php5-pgsql php5-mysql php5-imap php5-cgi fcgi

apk add php5-pdo php5-pdo_pgsql php5-pdo_mysql php5-soap php5-xmlrpc php5-posix php5-mcrypt php5-gettext php5-ldap php5-ctype php5-dom

Configure Lighttpd

Edit lighttpd.conf

vi /etc/lighttpd/lighttpd.conf

Uncomment line:

include "mod_fastcgi.conf"

Edit mod_fastcgi.conf

vi /etc/lighttpd/mod_fastcgi.conf

Edit the section:




Start lighttpd service and add to needed runlevel

rc-service lighttpd start && rc-update add lighttpd default

Install extra packages:

apk add php-mysql mysql mysql-client php-zlib

Installing and configuring SQLol

Create a folder named webapps

mkdir -p /usr/share/webapps/

Switch to the webapps folder and download the source files

cd /usr/share/webapps/ wget

Unpack the archive and delete it

unzip rm

Rename the folder

mv bWAPP bwapp

Change the folder permissions

chown -R lighttpd /usr/share/webapps/

Create a symlink to the bwapp folder

ln -s /usr/share/webapps/bwapp/ /var/www/localhost/htdocs/bwapp

Configuration and start MySQL

/usr/bin/mysql_install_db --user=mysql /etc/init.d/mysql start && rc-update add mysql default /usr/bin/mysqladmin -u root password 'password'

bWAPP configuration

Please add the MySQL configuration details to the bWAPP config file.

nano -w /usr/share/webapps/bwapp/

Browse to http://WEBSERVER_IP_ADDRESS/install.php for the installation.