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Name Description URL
alpine-base Alpine base package
alpine-mirrors List of Alpine Linux Mirrors
bkeymaps Binary keymaps for busybox


Name Description URL
openssh Port of OpenBSD's free SSH
e2fsprogs Standard Ext2/3/4 filesystem utilities
mdadm A tool for managing Linux Software RAID arrays
lvm2 Logical Volume Manager 2 utilities
parted Utility to create, destroy, resize, check and copy partitions
debootstrap Debian/Ubuntu bootstrap scripts
ntfs-3g A userspace ntfs driver with write support A userspace ntfs driver with write support
tzdata Timezone data
p7zip A command-line port of the 7zip compression utility
nano A simple ncurses text editor


Name Description URL
rdiff-backup A backup utility that maintains extra reverse diffs so that files can be restored from previous backups.
rsync A file transfer program to keep remote files in sync
partclone Back up and restore used-blocks of a partition

Data recovery tools

Name Description URL
dc3dd Patched version of GNU dd for use in computer forensics
testdisk A powerful free data recovery software
scrub Disk scrubbing program