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is it possible to add Kdrive (tinyX) to the road map? i know Gentoo has Kdrive to it could be possible.

I thought Kdrive is a part of xorg nowdays? Is kdrive still maintained? There are no fb support in kernel either at the moment. I do have plans to get xorg working but i have not prioritized it. Might be after 1.8 stable release. --Ncopa 08:12, 19 February 2008 (UTC)

Well I will volunteer for trying to compile tinyX (aka Kdrive) it will take me a while since i'm not used to Gentoo.

I will create a account damvcoool.

Google found this:

The text, in case it goes away... is:

FAQ: Where has k-drive, aka. TinyX gone?

After answering where to get and how to build the k-drive, TinyX a few tines on the xorg mailing list I figured it is about the tine to let Google now about it more verbosely:

Keith Packard’s k-drive based, TinyX was merged into the mainline xorg-server package, so it is as easy as downloading the latest, greatest release and configure the xorg-server package with something like:

--enable-kdrive --disable-dri --disable-xorg --disable-xorgcfg

along with the other options like –prefix et al. as appropriate.

If you want all this in an automated way, with cross compile support you can also take a look into the T2 SDE Project which among others supports exactly this: Cross compiling, including the tinier k-drive variant, even with alternative C libraries such as uClibC and dietllibC. To check it out and give it a try the T2 Rescue target provides tiny ISO images, pre-built for at least x86 and x86-64 (other like powerpc and sparc are easily buildable from the T2 source as well).

Nangel 01:35, 20 February 2008 (UTC)

should be easy to compile with:

 USE="minimal kdrive -dri -xorg" emerge xorg-server

or similar.

I will try get some test packages included after 1.8 stable is released.

--Ncopa 10:39, 20 February 2008 (UTC)