Algo 8180 Provisioning With ACF

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This page describes how to provision Algo 8180[Dead Link] devices using SIP Provisioning On Alpine Linux based upon the ACF web interface. It is supported starting with Alpine Linux 3.2.

Setup Procedure

1. Install provisioning server

First, install the provisioning server according to the instructions at this page.

2. Install firmware package

The latest supported firmware is included in a package:

apk add acf-provisioning-algo
Note: If you are running-from-RAM, it is recommended to mount /var/ to a hard disk to prevent data loss. If you do so, you should fetch the firmware packages, rather than install them. This way, the firmware will not take up RAM. You can use the following command: apk fetch --quiet --stdout acf-provisioning-algo | tar -C / -zvx

3. Configure init.cfg

The Algo will override ALL parameters when it is provisioned. If parameters are not provided by the provisioning server, they will be reset to default. Since not all parameters are included in the provisioning database, they must be configured statically in /var/www/provisioning/htdocs/Algo/init.cfg. You can use /var/www/provisioning/htdocs/Algo/init.cfg.sample as a starting point. You will probably need to modify the network configuration and provisioning server IP.

cp /var/www/provisioning/htdocs/Algo/init.cfg.sample /var/www/provisioning/htdocs/Algo/init.cfg

4. Configure the Algo 8180 to connect to the provisioning server

Unfortunately, the DHCP option 66 does not seem to work in our testing. So, you must manually configure the Algo to connect to the provisioning server. Once you get the Algo device connected to the network, follow these steps:

  • MENU Advanced Settings > Provisioning
    • Provisioning Mode: Enabled
    • Server Method: Static
    • Static Server: Enter the IP address or FQDN of the provisioning server
    • Download Method: HTTP
    • Config Download Path: Algo
    • Firmware Download Path: Algo