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blue.box is an open source GUI for administration and configuration of FreeSWITCH and Asterisk based VoIP systems. It supports multi-tenancy and skinning, and is completely modular.

Install Lighttpd

For installing the additional packages first activate community packages:

vi /etc/apk/repositories

Uncomment the following:


Update the packagelist:

apk update

Install the additional packages:

apk add lighttpd php7-common php7-session php7-iconv php7-json php7-gd php7-curl php7-xml php7-mysqli php7-imap php7-cgi fcgi php7-pdo php7-pdo_mysql php7-soap php7-xmlrpc php7-posix php7-mcrypt php7-gettext php7-ldap php7-ctype php7-dom php7-simplexml

Configure Lighttpd

Edit lighttpd.conf

vi /etc/lighttpd/lighttpd.conf

Uncomment line:

include "mod_fastcgi.conf"

Start lighttpd service and add to needed runlevel

rc-service lighttpd start && rc-update add lighttpd default

Configuring postgresql

apk add postgresql postgresql-client git /etc/init.d/postgresql setup

Starting http service and adding to boot

/etc/init.d/postgresql start && rc-update add postgresql default

Installing FreeSwitch

First use apk to install the needed software parts.

apk add freeswitch freeswitch-flite freeswitch-sounds-en-us-callie-8000 freeswitch-sample-config

Change the permissions of /etc/freeswitch/

chown lighttpd:lighttpd /etc/freeswitch/ chmod 777 -R /etc/freeswitch/


Starting http and sql server and adding to boot

/etc/init.d/postgresql setup /etc/init.d/postgresql start && rc-update add postgresql default /etc/init.d/lighttpd start && rc-update add lighttpd default

Installing 2600hz

Create a webapps folder

mkdir /usr/share/webapps/ -p

Checkout the source code from the git repository

cd /usr/share/webapps/ git clone git://source.2600hz.org/bluebox.git bluebox/

Change the folder permissions

chmod -R 777 /usr/share/webapps/bluebox

Create a symlink to the create directory

ln -s /usr/share/webapps/bluebox/ /var/www/localhost/htdocs/bluebox

Configuring bluebox

Log on your bluebox

Browse to: http://WEBSERVER_IP_ADDRESS/bluebox and start configuration.

  • Welcome to Bluebox 1.0 Setup Wizard

Accept Terms and Conditions Next

  • Initial Configuration

Select pqsl as database server, bluebox as database name, postgres as user, no password Set Default Timezone

Note: Set Port to 3306 (for mysql); see - http://tickets.2600hz.org/browse/BLUEBOX-445[Dead Link]


  • Create Main Administrator

Master Administration Account

Email Address:youremail@yourserver.net Password:adminpassword Confirm Password:adminpassword


  • Telephony Engine

In Telephony Configuration

Conf Directory: /etc/freeswitch

Global Sound File Directory: /usr/sounds


Conflicting configuration files will be permanently erased if you continue!


  • Installation

Ready to Install


After that you will see Click here to use Bluebox 1.0!

And you finish you Bluesbox installation.

Note: If you are using the Alpine ACF, or if you change the port in the lighttpd.conf file, the go to the port you set. e.g: if you set the port to 8080, then browse to: http://WEBSERVER_IP_ADDRESS:8080/bluebox

Note: Needs PHP DOM package (apk add php-dom)

Note: This documentation need some minor fixes.