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This page will eventually show how to set up XFCE simply on any system. In the meantime, it is a log of what I did to get XFCE working in alpine 1.10 + edge (February 2010).

Add edge repositories
Install packages:

  • xfce4
  • xfce4-session
  • xfce4-xkb-plugin
  • xfconf
  • xhost
  • xinit
  • xorg-server
  • xproto
  • xfce-utils
  • xf86-input-keyboard
  • xf86-input-mouse
  • xf86-video-vesa
  • xf86-video-(your video chipset)

Run Xorg -configure
If mouse (or other device) not detected, check /var/log/dmesg, lspci or similar for proper device name to use, edit /root/xorg.conf.new as needed
Using a machine with an SIS 650 video chipset (onboard the motherboard) X doesn't start properly (yet) Interim solution is to specify the vesa driver instead of sis in xorg.conf.
cp /root/xorg.conf.new to /etc/X11/xorg.conf
rm /etc/X11/xinit/xserverrc . NOTE: This shouldn't be needed, but for some reason X crashes on my system when default xserverrc is used.

Notes: I wasn't able to get a Microsoft Wireless IntelliMouse Explorer to work, however a generic Microsoft wired usb mouse works fine.