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== [[Special:SpecialPages|All Special Pages]] ==
== [[Special:SpecialPages|All Special Pages]] ==
[[User:Dubiousjim]] added a JavaScript to [[MediaWiki:Common.js]] that removes the [[Special:SpecialPages]] link from the Sidebar and replaces it with a link to this page, with a curated/organized/annotated set of links. If you want the whole list of SpecialPages, click on one of the links above. If these modifications to the Sidebar prove to be problematic, just delete the page [[MediaWiki:Common.js]] and (once MediaWiki has refreshed its caches) the site will revert to the old behavior.
Hey, [[User:Dubiousjim/Special|where did the link to the SpecialPages in the Sidebar go]]?
== Pages ==
== Pages ==

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