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ngIRCd is a free open source server for Internet Relay Chat (IRC). It has been written from scratch and is consequently, unlike most other IRC daemons, not based on the originator, the daemon of the IRCNet.

Installing ngIRCd

apk add ngircd

Configuring ngIRCd

The ngircd.conf is a sample configuration file for the ngIRCd IRC daemon, which must be customized to the local preferences and needs.

nano /etc/ngircd/ngircd.conf

You will find a lot of configuration lines to uncomment and configure. At least you have to set the IRC Channels you want to use, that is under [Channel]. e.g.:

# Name of the channel
Name = #Support
# Topic for this channel
Topic = Support Channel - Please ask :)
# Initial channel modes
Modes = p
# initial channel password (mode k)
;Key = Secret
# Key file, syntax for each line: "<user>:<nick>:<key>".
# Default: none.
;KeyFile = /etc/ngircd/#chan.key
# maximum users per channel (mode l)
;MaxUsers = 23

Note: You can add all the channels you want!!

Start irc server and add to boot

/etc/init.d/ngircd start && rc-update add ngircd default

Now, connect to your IRC Server ip number, with your choice of IRC Client.