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The different run modes

  • tmpfs mode
  • disk mode

Prepare the Boot media

  • explain where to find the iso
  • explain how to burn it the cdrom or create a bootable USB.


  • explain how to boot the cd/usb. (mention that you might set up BIOS so it boots from cdrom/usb)
  • mention boot options that might be needed for vmware


  • Write a simple walkthrough of setup-alpine. Its a nice handholding for newbies.
  • Explain how to use setup-disk if you want install alpine to disk
  • might be an idea to tell how to run fdisk to create custom partition tables for setup-disk.
  • Explain how to use 'lbu commit' if "tmpfs" and explain why you don't need it when installing on disk.

at this point the user should have a basic bootable alpine system. The handbook could continue wiht things like:

Configuring the network

  • explain shortly about the network interface names (eth0, eth1, ppp0 etc)
  • explain how to do the simple networking setup, dhcp, static ip etc.
  • explainhow to start/stop interfaces
  • advanced network configuration like pppoe, bridges, bonding, vlans, wifi?

Installing/removing software packages

  • explain the basic usage for apk-tools
  • setting up http repositories - mention http proxies
  • installing packages
  • deleting packages
  • upgrade, explain how to set up the apk cache
  • mention the .apk-new files, maybe as an advanced topic.


  • tell what openrc is
  • explain how to start stop services
  • explain about runlevels and how to add services to "default" runlevel
  • explain about openrc dependencies
  • maybe mention how to configure services (/etc/conf.d) and maybe tell about the difference between /etc/daemon.conf and /etc/conf.d/daemon


  • tell how to upgrade alpine to new version


  • explain how to set up x11 and create an xorg.conf