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Load the i2c-dev module:
Load the i2c-dev module:
{{Cmd|<nowiki>echo i2c-dev >> /etc/modules
{{Cmd|<nowiki>echo i2c-dev >> /etc/modules-load.d/i2c.conf
modprobe i2c-dev</nowiki>}}
modprobe i2c-dev</nowiki>}}

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This document is a short note on how to set up lm_sensors in Alpine.

Install the neccessary packages. You will need perl to run the sensors-detect script.

apk_add lm_sensors lm_sensors-detect perl

Load the i2c-dev module:

echo i2c-dev >> /etc/modules-load.d/i2c.conf modprobe i2c-dev

Note: If you already know the name of the sensor module, you can modprobe it now, and skip the sensors-detect and perl install.

Run sensors detect:


There are multiple types of sensors that you must skip scanning for (answer "no" to the prompt) because grsec will not allow you to access /proc/port. If you encounter an error that says something like "/dev/port: no such file..", re-run the script and answer "no" to that question on the next attempt. Examples of ones that you must enter "no" for: ISA bus, other Super I/O sensors, and IPMI.

Be sure to enter "yes" (non-default) for the question "Do you want to generate /etc/conf.d/lm_sensors?"

You will not need perl anymore. Remove it before you forget.

apk_del lm_sensors-detect perl

Make services start during next reboot.

rc-update add lm_sensors default rc-update add sensord default

Start services:

/etc/init.d/lm_sensors start && /etc/init.d/sensord start

Don't forget to save your new server configuration using

lbu commit