Release Notes for Alpine 3.20.0

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Base System

grub 2.12

When upgrading existing installations using grub on UEFI systems, make sure to update the installed bootloader before rebooting otherwise your machine might not boot.

The problem is that grub added a new configuration that executes fwsetup --is-supported, but grub 2.06 does not support the --is-supported argument yet, causing grub to try to reboot into firmware unconditionally.

Here is an example assuming the default setup. Don't blindly copy this example, but verify what's applicable to your system.


# grub-install --target=$target --efi-directory=$efi_directory \ --bootloader-id=alpine --boot-directory=/boot --no-nvram # install -D $efi_directory/EFI/alpine/grub$fwa.efi $efi_directory/EFI/boot/boot$fwa.efi

The relevant target for your system
Either /boot/efi or /boot. Run awk '$2 ~ /boot/ && $3 ~ /fat|msdos/ { print $2 }' /proc/mounts to confirm.
The respective firmware architecture for your system

Short-term workaround

A short-term workaround to get the system bootable again is to restore the backup configuration:

cp /boot/grub/grub.cfg.backup /boot/grub.cfg

This should allow you to boot the system again in order to fix it permanently. This will be reverted when either grub or the kernel is updated again.

This will only work if update-grub has not been executed any more since the upgrade to grub 2.12.



Due to the relicensing of Redis to RSALv2+SSPLv1, a non-free license model, the BSD-3-Clause licensed fork Valkey has replaced Redis in the main package repository.

A valkey-compat package is provided with symlinks and group for easy Redis replacement.

The redis aport has been moved to the community repository, with a shorter support cycle, and will not be upgraded past 7.2.x due to the license change.

Another replacement alternative, the LGPL-3.0-only licensed fork Redict is also available in the community repository.


yq was renamed to yq-go. #16052


Due to incompatibility issues with Python 3.12, aws-cli has been temporarily disabled until the issue is resolved by upstream. See the corresponding problem upstream: #8342

Note: aws-cli has been added to the community repository again. Thanks for the patience!


New upstream release of GNOME.

Depending on how you installed GNOME, you may have to manually add gcr-ssh-agent after upgrading to retain GNOME Keyring ssh integration.


KDE Plasma has been upgraded to Plasma 6, bringing the major update to Qt6 with it. This also includes applications from KDE Gear although some individual applications remain on Qt5 for now. The update makes the Wayland session the default and this Alpine release is the last one to support the X11 session.

podman 5.x

The default tool for rootless networking has been swapped from slirp4netns to pasta (passt) for improved performance. As a result, networks named pasta are no longer supported.


  • Crystal 1.12
  • LLVM 18
  • nginx 1.26
  • .NET 8
  • Nim 2.0
  • OpenJDK 22
  • Python 3.12
  • Racket 8.13
  • Ruby 3.3
  • Rust 1.78
  • R 4.4
  • Sway 1.9