Release Notes for Alpine 1.7.26

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As usual, download iso images and tarballs for USB from distrib-coffe.

Changes in ACF

The ACF roles management has changed. The ALL, CREATE, READ, UPDATE, and DELETE roles have been replaced by GUEST, USER, EDITOR, EXPERT, and ADMIN. If you have modified your /etc/acf/passwd file (added or modified ACF users), you will need to update the file with the new roles or you will be locked out from your Web interface.

Changes in e2fsprogs libraries

This release includes some changes in the e2fsprogs libraries. Please remove 'ss' manually before upgrading, or things might break. You might need the -f flag for forcing removal.

apk_delete -f ss

Removed packages:

New pacakges:

Upgraded/downgraded packages (from version):
acf-alpine-baselayout-0.4.5		  (0.4.4)
acf-alpine-conf-0.3.9			  (0.3.8)
acf-apk-tools-0.1.4			  (0.1.3)
acf-chrony-0.1.6			  (0.1.5)
acf-core-0.4.11				  (0.4.10)
acf-dansguardian-0.2.5			  (0.2.4)
acf-devtools-0.3.2			  (0.3.1)
acf-dhcp-0.3.8				  (0.3.7)
acf-dnscache-0.1.8			  (0.1.7)
acf-fetchmail-0.2.3			  (0.2.2)
acf-ipsec-tools-0.3.11			  (0.3.10)
acf-opennhrp-0.3.10			  (0.3.9)
acf-openntpd-0.3.10			  (0.3.9)
acf-openssh-0.1.0			  (0.0.3)
acf-openssl-0.1.6			  (0.1.5)
acf-openvpn-0.2.6			  (0.2.5)
acf-quagga-0.3.3			  (0.3.2)
acf-samba-0.0.2				  (0.0.1)
acf-shorewall-0.4.2			  (0.4.1)
acf-skins-0.1.5				  (0.1.4)
acf-snort-0.3.9				  (0.3.8)
acf-squid-0.3.6				  (0.3.5)
acf-tinydns-0.2.11			  (0.2.10)
alpine-baselayout-1.12.1		  (1.12)
alpine-conf-1.7.1			  (1.7)
apk-tools-0.15				  (0.14)
busybox-1.12.1-r4			  (1.12.1-r2)
com_err-1.41.2				  (1.40.9)
conntrack-tools-0.9.8			  (0.9.7-r2)
dovecot-1.1.6				  (1.1.4-r1)
drupal-6.6				  (6.5)
e2fsprogs-1.41.2			  (1.40.9)
findutils-4.4.0				  (4.3.13)
gawk-3.1.6				  (3.1.5-r5)
jfsutils-1.1.12				  (1.1.8)
libnetfilter_conntrack-0.0.97		  (0.0.96)
libpcap-0.9.8-r2			  (0.9.8-r1)
libuuid1-1.41.2				  (1.40.9)
openssh-client-5.1_p1-r1		  (4.7_p1-r6)
openssh-kerberos-5.1_p1-r1		  (4.7_p1-r6)
openssh-server-5.1_p1-r1		  (4.7_p1-r6)
rrdtool-1.2.28				  (1.2.27)
sdparm-1.03				  (1.02)
tor-				  (
wireshark-1.0.4				  (1.0.3)
ytree-1.92				  (1.90)