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(Configuring PPP)
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= Install PPP =
= Install PPP =
Install PPP
Install PPP
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+ipv6 ipv6cp-use-ipaddr
+ipv6 ipv6cp-use-ipaddr
ipv6 ,</pre>
ipv6 ,</pre>

Latest revision as of 18:04, 13 September 2019

Install PPP

Install PPP

apk add ppp-pppoe

Configure PPP

# PPP Configuration file


# Try to get the IP address from the ISP

# Try to get the name server addresses from the ISP

# Use this connection as the default route.
defaultroute-metric 300

# detatch after ppp0 interface is created

# Replace previous default route
# This requires a special patch to ppp
# https://sources.debian.net/src/ppp/2.4.7-1%2B1~exp1/debian/patches/cifdefroute.dif/
# replacedefaultroute

# rp-pppoe plug-in makes PPPoE connection so rp-pppoe package is not needed
# Possibly, you may need to change interface according your configuration
plugin rp-pppoe.so eth1

# Uncomment if you need on-demand connection

# Disconnect after 300 seconds (5 minutes) of idle time.
#idle 300

# Hide password from log entries

# Send echo requests
lcp-echo-interval 20
lcp-echo-failure 3

# Do not authenticate ISP peer

# Control connection consistency
maxfail 0

# Control MTU size if your ISP does not force it
#mtu 1492

user "username@yourISP.tld"

# Compression
bsdcomp 15
deflate 15


Enter in your login credentials

# Secrets for authentication using CHAP
# client			server	secret			IP addresses
"username@yourISP.tld"	        *	"<your password>"


Update modules to include pppoe and ipv6 if you are planning on using that:



Add this to your ppp configuration. This tells PPP to get an ipv6 address. Note the comma is needed.

# Enable IPV6
+ipv6 ipv6cp-use-ipaddr
ipv6 ,