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LinuxDays 2017 (conference)

LinuxDays is a non-commercial conference focused on open-source technologies, mainly around Linux (and other unix systems), held annually in Prague – centre of Europe. It has long history and became the biggest non-commercial FOSS conference in Czech Republic (1 300 attendees in 2016).

Alpine Miniconf

We would like to create Alpine Miniconf as part of LinuxDays, similar to Gentoo Miniconf. This means that we will have our own presentation room and a classroom for workshops. The motivation is to create an opportunity for Alpine developers to meet each other in physical world, discuss some important topics, have some fun together etc. And of course increase awareness about Alpine Linux, prepare some interesting talks/workshops for attendees of the conference.

Accommodation and catering for speakers is provided in nearby dormitories.

Jakub knows organizational team of LinuxDays, it’s all agreed, we just need to convince enough people from Alpine community to register some talks/workshops and come into Prague. :)


If you plan to attend this conference, please add yourself into the following list.

  • Jakub Jirutka

Suggestions for Talks

What would you like to hear about at LinuxDays / Alpine Miniconf, related to Alpine? Please put your ideas here.

  • talk about init/rc systems, process supervisors and s6 by skarnet

Proposed Talks/Workshops

If you’d like to prepare some talk or workshop for LinuxDays / Alpine Miniconf, please write it here. Call for Papers is open until end of August.