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#REDIRECT [[Installation]]
There are currently two supported ways of running Alpine, from CDROM or from USB stick.
== Preparing the media ==
=== CDROM ===
Download the latest iso image from the [http://www.alpinelinux.org/mediawiki/index.php/Downloads download] area and burn it.
=== USB ===
Alpine is shipped in compressed tar.gz archives for USB.
==== Make USB-stick bootable ====
===== From windows =====
* Download the [http://dl.alpinelinux.org/alpine/v1.6/usbdrive/syslinux.exe syslinux.exe] utility.
* Start a command prompt (Start->run, type ''cmd'' and press >enter>)
* Run syslinux with your USB drive as parameter. If your USB drive is E:, then you type:
syslinux E:
* Flag the pertition bootable
fdisk E:
(Make the partition bootable somehow :-)
===== From Linux =====
* install syslinux (I.E ''sudo apt-get syslinux'' or ''emerge apt-get syslinux'')
* Copy MBR to the USB drive (assuming your USB drive is /dev/sda)
  dd if=/usr/lib/syslinux/mbr.bin of=/dev/sda
* Run syslinux with your USB drive as parameter.
  sudo syslinux /dev/sda1
* Flag the pertition bootable
fdisk /dev/sda
  a (Toggle's the bootable flag)
  1 (The partition you want to have the flag)
  w (Writing your changes to the disk)
==== Unpack Alpine to USB drive ====
* Download a alpine-x.x.x-yyyyyy.tar.gz package.
* Unpack all the files to your usb drive using a unpacker like [http://www.7-zip.org 7-zip].
== Initial setup ==
After booting up you will see a login prompt. Log in as ''root''.
To do the basic initial configuration run:
There you will set the hostname, configure the network and set the root password.
Add the following line to your ''/etc/lbu/lbu.conf'' file:
If you want to store the configureation on floppy you set ''LBU_MEDIA=floppy'' instead.
To save the configuration for next reboot run:
  lbu commit
=== Managing software packages ===
To list all the packages that are available in repository, run:
  apk_fetch -l
  apk_fetch -v -l
To install a package run:
  apk_add <PACKAGE>
To remove the package run:
  apk_delete <PACKAGE>
To also remove the dependencies togehter with the package, run:
  apk_delete -R <PACKAGE>
To list all installed packages run:
=== Managing boot services ===
To start a service during boot run:
  rc_add <service>
=== Managing local backups ===
To add a config file to the local backup list run:
  lbu_add /path/to/file
To save all the files in the local backup list to floppy run:
  lbu_commit floppy
To save the configs to USB drive run:
  lbu_commit usb
To list files in the local backup list run:
  cat /etc/backuplist

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