Install Alpine in Qemu

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Before You Start

  • Download the latest Alpine image.
  • Install QEMU on your system (e.g. sudo apt install qemu on Ubuntu, yum -y install qemu on Fedora)

Create the Virtual Machine

Create a disk image if you want to install Alpine Linux.

qemu-img create -f qcow2 alpine.qcow2 8G

The following command starts QEMU with the Alpine ISO image as CDROM, the default network configuration, 512MB RAM, the disk image that was created in the previous step, and CDROM as the boot device.

qemu-system-x86_64 -m 512 -nic user -boot d -cdrom alpine-standard-3.10.2-x86_64.iso -hda alpine.qcow2

Tip: Add option -enable-kvm if your hardware support this.

Log in as root (no password) and run:


At the question on how to use the disk select sys. Use poweroff to shut down the machine

Booting the Virtual Machine

After the installation qemu can be started from disk image (-boot c) without cdrom.

qemu alpine.qcow -boot c -net nic -net user -m 256 -localtime