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How to download and install the latest version of ddclient

DDclient is a perl script to update accounts for Dynamic DNS Service Provider. [1]

Install prerequisites

apk add wget wget-doc unzip unzip-doc make perl perl-doc perl-utils perl-test-taint perl-test-taint-doc perl-netaddr-ip perl-netaddr-ip-doc perl-net-ip perl-net-ip-doc perl-yaml perl-yaml-doc perl-log-log4perl perl-log-log4perl-doc perl-io-socket-ssl

cpan Data::Validate::IP

Download DDclient

wget https://sourceforge.net/projects/ddclient/files/latest/download -O ddclient.zip

unzip ddclient.zip

Copy ddclient from the extracted directory to /usr/bin/.

Create directories: /etc/ddclient/ and /var/cache/ddclient/.

Place your personal ddclient.conf in /etc/ddclient/.

Install script.

Includes a ddclient rc script for /etc/init.d/.