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This document describes how to create a public and a private key for signing of packages and indexes. The public key should be distributed and installed into /etc/apk/keys on the alpine box that will install the packages. This basically means that the main developers public keys should be in /etc/apk/keys on all alpine boxes.
#REDIRECT [[Abuild_and_Helpers#abuild-keygen]]
Since the public key needs to be unique for each developer the email address should be used as name for the public key.
== Create the private key ==
{{cmd|openssl genrsa -out ''emailaddress.priv'' 2048}}
{{tip|Append ''-aes256'' if you want it encrypted, but then you'll need to enter the password for every package you sign}}
== Creating the public key ==
{{cmd|openssl rsa -in ''emailaddress.priv'' -pubout -out /etc/apk/keys/''emailaddress''}}

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