Create a bootable SDHC from a Mac

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Prepare Partition


  • Open disk utility
  • Select your SD Card
  • Click Erase in the menu
  • Set Format to MS-DOS (FAT)
  • Set Scheme to Master Boot Record
  • Click the Erase button

Unpack files


  • Open Terminal
  • Check your SD Card is mounted (in this case named "ALPINE")
  • Unpack files with tar xf ~/Downloads/alpine-rpi-[...]-armhf.rpi.tar.gz -C /Volumes/ALPINE
  • Eject disk, it should now be ready to be used in the Raspberry Pi

After initial setup

After this preparation you should boot the Raspberry Pi with a keyboard and a HDMI screen connected, login as root and run setup-alpine and lbu-commit.