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# See also
= See also =
* [[Newbie_Alpine_Ecosystem]]
* [[Newbie_Alpine_Ecosystem]]

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Packages provide the basic components of an operating system, along with shared libraries, applications, services, and documentation. Unix-like systems install thems with traditional way of "Configure && make && make install"

But any Operating System offer a centralized mechanism for finding and installing software, usually distributed in the form of packages (like apk or deb files), kept in repositories. That can be manage with a package management system.

This document will guide most new users to learh basic about Alpine package management and usage of, for most in deep usage please visit Alpine_Linux_package_management page.

Table of comparison with other Linux for packages

OS File Format Tools
Alpine .apk apk
Debian .deb apt,aptitude
Geento .tbz2 emerge
FreeBSD .txz pkg

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