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There are many ways that you can contribute. Whether you are a normal user, a geek, or a hardcore developer, the one and most important thing you can do is to actually use Alpine Linux.

The list below explains some of the ways that you can contribute.

Contribute quality

Contribute documentation

  • Help write good documentation
  • Translate the documentation (and program texts) into another language
  • Proofread existing documentation, follow the examples, and make corrections
  • Create diagrams, screenshots, and graphics for the documentation
  • Develop style, formatting, spelling, and grammar conventions for documenters
  • Expand the Glossary of technical terms (so non-geeks can understand)
  • Convert documentation into more formats

Contribute support

Contribute projects

Contribute publicity

Tip: As Alpine Linux gets more popular, there will be more people wanting to contribute.
  • Link to the Alpine Linux web site
  • Write reviews
  • Convince people to choose Open Source products when possible
  • Write about new ways of using an Open Source application

Contribute appreciation