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ACF Libraries

Because of using lua, a very small language, the need arises to build everything from scratch. This can lead to some confusion, apprehension, or just feeling overwhelmed. Here is documentation on what we have now in the form of libraries and common functions. We hope to build some more and use this information to get the juices flowing in regard to ACF.

Some of these are lua libs or ones written for ACF. We are also using as a standard the lposix library which is documented here LPOSIX

Generic Libraries (acf-lib)


Functions to load/unload apk packages

  • delete - Deletes a package
  • install - Installs a package
  • version - Checks a package's installed version


Date and time functions To be used with os.time() and

  • date_to_seconds - Takes a date table and converts it to seconds from 1970
  • seconds_to_date - Takes table of seconds values and converts to a date sorted smallest to largest
  • string_to_table
  • date_diff - Takes two values of seconds and gives back the difference
  • num_month_name - Month number to name of month
  • num_month_name_abr - Month number to abr of month
  • name_month_num - Month name to number
  • abr_month_num - Month abbreviation to number
  • num_dow_name - Day of Week number to name
  • num_dow_name_abr - Day of week number to abbreviation
  • name_dow_num - Day of Week full name to number
  • abr_dow_num - Day of week abbreviation to number
  • what_tz - Checks to see what timezone the box is set to; /etc/TZ
  • change_tz - Changes the timezone
    • Tables are included with this information
      • Timezones
      • Days of Week
      • Months of the Year


Used to format tables and strings

  • dostounix - Converts DOS line endings to Unix
  • escapemagiccharacters - Escape Lua magic characters
  • escapespecialcharacters - Escape shell special characters
  • parse_lines - Takes out the blank and commented lines
  • parse_linesandwords - Removes blanks and comments, and parses each line for words
  • parse_configfile - Parses a config file for name/value pairs
  • search_replace - Goes through a table of lines to search and replace
  • search_for_lines - Goes through a file or table of lines and returns a table of matching lines
  • cap_begin_word - Capitalizes beginning of words
  • string_to_table - Takes a delimited string and turns it into a table
  • expand_bash_syntax_vars - Takes a string and expands any ${...} constructs with the Lua variable
  • replace_line - Removes the indicated line from a string and replaces it
  • insert_line - Inserts a new line at the indicated location in a string
  • get_line - Returns the specified line by number
  • opts_to_table - Searches an option string for separate options and puts them in a table
  • table_to_opts - Goes through an options table and creates the option string
  • update_ini_file - Set a value in a particular ini section
  • parse_ini_file - Read a value / values from an ini file
  • get_ini_section - Read an entire section from an ini file
  • set_ini_section - Set an entire section in an ini file
  • get_ini_entry - Get an entry value from an ini file, accounting for parent sections and variables


Used for various filesystem specific functions

  • is_dir - Test if the path is a directory
  • is_file - Test if the path is a file
  • is_link - Test if the path is a link
  • create_directory - Creates a directory if it doesn't exist, including the parent dirs
  • remove_directory - Deletes a directory along with its contents
  • create_file - Creates a blank file (and the directory if necessary)
  • copy_properties - Copies the permissions and ownership of one file to another
  • copy_file - Copies a file to a directory or new filename (creating the directory if necessary)
  • move_file - Moves a file to a directory or new filename (creating the directory if necessary)
  • read_file / read_file_as_array - Reads a file as a string / array
  • write_file - Replaces contents of a file
  • write_line_file - Appends lines to a file
  • find_files_as_array - Returns an array of files under "where" that match "what" (a Lua pattern)
  • find - Give a path and a search string and iterate over matching files
  • stat - Does almost the same as posix.stat, but instead it writes the output human readable


Used to generate HTML code.

  • cookie.set - Creates a cookie
  • cookie.unset - Clears a cookie
  • html_escape - Escapes HTML encoded strings
  • entity - Outputs tags such as h1, h2, p, etc.
  • link - Creates a link tag
  • Form setup functions - Create form tags
    • form.text
    • form.longtext
    • form.password
    • form.hidden
    • form.submit
    • form.action
    • form.file
    • form.image
    • form.checkbox
    • form.start
    • form.stop


Manages processes

  • package_version - Returns the version of an apk package
  • process_autostart - Returns a string describing run level of a process
  • read_initrunlevels - Returns all processes in all run levels
  • add_runlevels - Add a process to a list of run levels
  • delete_runlevels - Remove a process from a list of run levels
  • daemoncontrol - Start/Stop/Restart/... a process (calls /etc/init.d/service)
  • pidof - Find the process ID of a running program


This contains multiple different functions that each will validate input in there own way.

  • is_string - Tests if a variable is of type string
  • is_boolean - Tests if a variable is of type boolean
  • is_number - Tests if a variable is of type number
  • is_ipv4 - Tests if this is a valid ipv4 address
  • is_partial_ipv4 - Tests if this is part of a valid ipv4 address
  • is_mac - Tests to see if this is a valid mac address
  • is_integer - Tests to see if a string contains an integer
  • is_integer_in_range - Tests to see if a string contains an integer in a given range
  • is_port - Tests to see if a string contains an integer in the IP port range
  • is_valid_filename - Tests to see if a string is a valid filename and (optionally) located in a specified path

ACF-specific Libraries (acf-core)


Authentication module. This module loads one sub-authenticator module and exposes its functionality via auth table.

  • authenticate
  • get_userinfo
  • get_userinfo_roles
  • list_users
  • change_settings
  • new_settings
  • delete_user


Authentication sub-module for plaintext database

  • list_fields
  • read_field
  • delete_field
  • write_entry
  • read_entry
  • delete_entry


Controller helper functions

  • handle_clientdata
  • handle_form
  • handle_startstop


Written by nangel for ACF

  • get_menuitems


  • getenabled
  • startstop_service
  • getstatus
  • getfiledetails
  • setfiledetails
  • validateselect
  • validatemulti
  • write_file_with_audit


  • list_controllers
  • get_controllers
  • get_controllers_func
  • get_controllers_view
  • list_default_roles
  • list_roles
  • list_all_roles
  • get_roles_perm
  • get_role_perm
  • delete_role
  • set_role_perm


Written by nangel for ACF.

  • random_hash - will create a bash64-like hash from /dev/urandom
  • hash_ip_addr - create a hash encoded ip address
  • ip_addr_from_hash - take the hash encoded ip and give me the ip
  • serialize - go through a table or set of tables and serialize
  • save_session - save the session table
  • load_session - load a saved session table
  • unlink_session - delete a saved session table
  • record_event - record an invalid login attempt
  • count_events - check if there are too many invalid attempts
  • expired_events - delete the expired invalid attempts and saved sessions


displayinfo - obsolete displaymanagement - obsolete

  • displayitem
  • displayformitem
  • displayform
  • displaycommandresults