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The desktop environment in Alpine has no official desktops. Older versions had Xfce4, but now, all GUI and graphical interfaces are community contributed. Environments such as LXDE, Mate, etc are available, but are not fully supported due to some bloated integration.

Please, if you find something hard to understand about the integration of the variety of programs, consider further reading until the end of this page to understand important notes about the Behavior of Desktop Environments in Linux

So you can choose from those options or follow the next suggested Alpine Newbies: Xorg and Openbox page.

Alpine Desktops: Complete Desktops

Alpine is not a graphics-focused system, so there are only two complete desktops available: XFCE Desktop Environment and LXDE Desktop, utilizing Openbox Window Manager.

  1. Alpine Newbies XFCE Desktop Environment
  2. Alpine Newbies LXDE Desktop Environment
  3. Alpine Newbies Openbox Window Manager

Alpine Desktops: Community Contributions

There are some contributions that will periodically be complete desktops available using the Community Repository Packages, like the MATE Desktop environment; others need Wayland, causing some compatibility problems:

  1. Alpine Newbies MATE Desktop Environment
  2. Awesome Window Manager

Alpine Desktops: Upstream and external ones

All of the original upstream desktops can be installed using the traditional Unix-like method of downloading and compiling them:

  1. Dynamic Window Manager for X
  2. Alpine LXQT Desktop Environment

Alpine Desktops: Multimedia

After getting your preferred desktop, you can also improve your desktop with:

Alpine Desktops: emulation and gaming

Alpine is capable of providing a good platform to play games and enjoy:

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