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Alpine XFCE Desktop

Here are some ideas on what could be included in the Alpine XFCE Desktop.


  • web browser: midori
  • IRC client: xchat
  • Email client: sylpheed, claws-mail
  • File manager: thunar
  • Terminal: Terminal (xfce), aterm, mrxvt
  • PDF viewer: epdfview, evince
  • BitTorrent client: transmission
  • Development editor/IDE: geany
  • GUI Development tools: glade3, xfce4-vala, lua-lgob
  • Image viewer: gpicview, ristretto, feh, geh
  • login manager: slim, lxdm
  • RDP client: rdesktop, remmina
  • Media player: parole, mplayer, VLC
  • Word processor: abiword
  • Flash plugin (for youtube etc): swfdec, gnash (works poorly)
  • Printing: cups, xfprint
  • VNC client: remmina
  • System Profiler and Benchmark: Hardinfo
  • Personal organizer: Osmo
  • Other: wine
  • Spreadsheet: gnumeric
  • Graphics: gimp, inkscape
  • Instant Messaging: pidgin
  • Input device hotplugging in xorg (switch to udev?)
  • CD burning: xfburn
  • Photo manager: shotwell (has issues with latest version of vala)
  • Virtualiation: virt-manager, libvirt, qemu


  • Flash plugin (for youtube etc): gnash? (adobe flash works with firefox in wine)
  • SIP phone: sflphone