VirtualBox guest additions

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How to install VirtualBox guest additions

First install virtualbox-additions-grsec:

apk add virtualbox-additions-grsec

The following error may occur:

ERROR: unsatisfiable constraints: virtualbox-additions-grsec (missing): required by: world[virtualbox-additions-grsec]

If the error occurs, then you need to enable the alpine testing repo:

echo "" >> /etc/apk/repositories

Then update respository indexes from all remote repositories, and install virtualbox-additions-grsec

apk update apk add virtualbox-additions-grsec

Then add vboxpci,vboxdrv, and vboxnetflt to /etc/modules:

echo vboxpci >> /etc/modules echo vboxdrv >> /etc/modules echo vboxnetflt >> /etc/modules

And reboot to put these changes into effect.