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initrd and grub

Running Alpine as Dom U under Alpine. Went through the tutorial and everything went pretty smooth until configuring grub.

localhost:/etc# cat /boot/grub/menu.lst default 0 timeout 5

title alpine-xen-pv

       root (hd0,0)
       kernel /boot/vmlinuz-grsec modules=sd-mod,usb-storage,ext4,squashfs console=hvc0


       initrd /boot/initramfs-grsec

Seems that grub is having an issue with finding /dev/initrd

From grub:

 Booting 'alpine-xen-pv'

root (hd0,0)

Filesystem type is ext2fs, partition type 0x83

kernel /boot/vmlinuz-grsec modules=sd-mod,usb-storage,ext4,squashfs console=hvc 0 root=/dev/xvda3

Error 11: Unrecognized device string

Press any key to continue...

So attempted to mknod /dev/initrd, but it seems to disappear on reboot. and that is where I am today.