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Constrib mistakes

! These are just my notes. Please read the official guidelines.


  • Use tabs
  • Order of functions: prepare, build, check, package (the order they are executed)
  • No empty variables
  • Set Contributor and Maintainer
  • Commit message repo/package: X
    • X: new apk
    • X: upgrade to Y
    • X: [other changes]
  • Shell: quote variables
  • Rebase your changes


  • Set pkgrel to 0 when when pkgver is increased
  • Else bump pkgrel to trigger rebuild
  • Only add very common or required dependencies
  • Use post-install rarely, don't use it for anything that can be done during package()
  • New packages go to testing first
  • Dependencies
    • main pacakges may only depend on main packages
    • community packages may only depend on main/community package


  • Test APKBUILD against edge, not current
  • Make sure the software actually works


  • No downloads during build (is already prevented)


  • Don't use language-package managers (npm, pip, cabal): the build has to be reproducible