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Bootstrapping new architectures

abuild, since 2.17.0, more or less supports creating cross-compiler and cross-compiling. That still needs a little bit of polishing, same goes to my scripts. All my scripts and example configs are located at

  1. Decide on toolchain name (triplet), and update gcc aport to add proper configure flags for it
  2. Create cross compiler
    • Write abuild-createcross-$ARCH.conf for it, and use to create a cross-compiler.
  3. Cross compile minimal system image
    • With above generated toolchain, you can use to create the minimal image.
  4. Setup new box
    • If running on new hardware, you also need to prepare kernel images, initramfs and modloop to create the initial bootimage.
    • If running as vserver guest, you can just install the .apks from previous step.
    • Setup builder.